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Skibz Dribble Bandana Bib - Pink Camouflage

Skibz Dribble Bandana Bib - Pink Camouflage

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Quality Skibz’ all-time best-selling bandana dribble bibs that takes you from dawn to dusk. ALL DAY Funky bib. 3 LAYERS - NO WET Neck or Chest ... wow! A true ALL-DAY Bandana Bib, and 2 Organic Skibz.

Award Winning Funky Baby Bibs...

If your baby or toddler dribbles, our funky baby bib not only looks great, it actually works!

Highly absorbent, great quality and comfortable enough to be worn all day, Skibz is the original designer baby accessory taking the world of baby bibs by storm.

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