TLGC01 - Girls Full Swim Kit

Swimming with grommets is just too easy with little grommets super cute dinosaur print earbands! Simply put in your little grommets silicone earplugs, pop on your little grommets waterproof ear-band and you're ready to make a splash! Don't let glue ear get in the way of swimming. Buy your little grommets earband today! Pool, beach, bath and shower you'll find your earband is so comfortable and easy to wear. One size fits all and little grommets earbands are all reversible so you can choose to wear either a plain colour or pattern on the outside - and don't forget our velcro is extra strong to make sure your earplugs stay put. ENT specialists across the world recommend our ear bands.

RRP: $45.95
Girls Full Swim Kit


  • Waterproof
  • One size
  • All ages - 6mths to 12 yrs old
  • Adjustable
  • Fun
  • ENT recommended EARPLUGS Silicone - Safe - Moulds to ears: All shapes, All sizes. 

PINK MESH BAG Keeps everything together - Lets earband & earplugs dry - Cute - Practical - 6mths to 12 yrs old.

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  • Boys Full Swim Kit
  • Mesh Bag - Blue
  • Mesh Backpack - Blue
  • Adult ear band