DESIGNER Mocc Ons - Baby, Toddler Cosy Slip Ons

Smart cosy, warm, soft footwear for the colder times, keep baby and toddler snug warm and protected feet. FULLY MACHINE WASHABLE. Our Baby - Toddler Mocc On Moccasins are made with a 100% subtle leather sole and soft turkish cotton inner sock to keep baby's feet warm and adorable! Available for 6-36 months!
DESIGNER Mocc Ons - Baby, Toddler Cosy Slip Ons

They’re made of a lovely soft and stretchy cotton, stitched to a real leather sole, which helps to prevent slipping ensuring that your little one’s toes stay toasty all year round!

Mocc Ons are available in nine funky designs that co-ordinate with the Designer Dribble Ons Range for style conscious parents looking for an easy way to keep little feet snuggly.

Like all products in the Sock Ons range, Mocc Ons are designed to be funky, practical, fashionable and, most importantly, washable!


4 AGE SIZES: NEW 6-12, 12-18, 18-24 & 24-36mths.

4x COLOURS/STYLES: Pink Spot, Zebra, Cow, Rainbow, Ballerina, Cowgirl, Cowboy, Floral Ditsy & Nautical Stripe

RRP = $38.50

Age in months

6 to 12

12 to 18

18 - 24

24 - 36

UK Size

2 to 3

3 to 5

5 to 7

7 to 81/2

Average Sole length in mm










Mocc Ons & UK Size

2 to 3

3 to 5

5 to 7

7 to 81/2

EU Size Guide

18 to 20

20 to 22

22 to 24

24 to 26

USA Size Guide

3 to 4

4 to 6

6 to 8

8 to 91/2



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