Special NZ Edition Dribble Ons

Extending the great soft Dribble On bibs into the NEW Kiwiana motif's. Sensational for Tourist area's.

These are ideal for Tourist areas: we can move and adapt the Kiwi Motifs anywhere on the bandana bib - special for your business - just ask?


Size: - New Born to 3yrs old.
Special NZ Edition Dribble Ons

Have you ever met a baby who doesn’t like a good dribble? Of course not! It’s a natural part of baby hood, especially when new teeth are on the way. Unfortunately, it has its drawbacks. Dribble soaks easily into clothes, meaning that all that moisture gets stuck right next to your baby’s delicate skin, causing soreness. Dribble Ons are made of a soft combination of stretch cotton and terry toweling which absorbs the moisture whilst at the same time being comfortable and cute to wear.

Dribble Ons are designed to solve this problem. They’re made of a really lovely blend of pure cotton and terry toweling, and draw the dribble away from clothes and skin, keeping your baby dry and happy. The two stud fastening allows Dribble Ons to grow with baby and the quality fabric ensures they can be washed time and again. They’re stretchy too, so are very comfortable to wear. The best thing though? The gorgeous colours!

One Size with adjustable popper: 0 - 24 mths

They are currently available in five plain colours: Baby Pink, Fuchsia, Baby Blue, Navy and White, complimenting the Sock Ons range.

Classic Dribble Ons RRP = $15.99

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