BBBS05 - RE-ORDER Binnie Blankie

Re-Order Pack - 5x Any Colour Blankies / Comforters. Baby will adore these soft a cuddly Binnie Blankies. They have a super soft luscious front and lovely satin on the backing and each animal head has a rattle in it. Let us introduce to you Bella Teddy - Pink, her buddy Baloo Teddy - Blue, Daisy the Cow - Black and White, Freddie the Frog - Green and White - Blankie, Comforter, security blanket for baby.

RRP = $12.50ea
RE-ORDER Binnie Blankie

Great addition to the now established Binnie ranges is the new cute quality Binnie Blankies which are super soft luscious front, lovely satin on the backing, each animal head has a rattle in it, good size & neat colourful animal characters - babies will love them. We have: - Bella Teddy - Pink & her buddy Baloo Teddy - Blue, these are joined with their buddies Daisy the Cow and Freddie the Frog ....... any baby will love their new friend.

Size = 37cm x 37cm

All this for a amazing RRP = $9.99