Binnie Beads Nursing Necklace

QUALITY AFFORDABLE NURSING NECKLACES - Nursing necklaces are made to stimulate and occupy your newborn, baby or toddler while nursing. As babies grow, they will begin to recognise the necklace and associate it with feeding and mama’s comfort.
Binnie Beads Nursing Necklace

A nursing necklace may also be worn by anyone who spends any amount of time around a baby, such as grandmothers, or child carers. It keeps little fingers occupied and keeps curious babies and toddlers from playing with hair or clothing instead!
These beautiful necklaces are made from multi-coloured polished amber beads: 14 round amber beads plus a large, beautifully translucent amber piece set in the centre.
The different sizes, colours and textures of the amber beads stimulate baby’s tactile and visual senses and thereby aid intellectual development.

Made in Lithuania from genuine, high quality Baltic Amber.

  • Binnie Beads Necklace Extensions 5cm