Scooter Lights **** BULK SPECIAL ****

Proviz spotted a niche within the kids market to create specialist Scooter Lights as there was no one doing this but there were lots of people improvising by sticking bike lights to their prams and buggies.
The feedback has been fantastic from very happy Mums with the demand there to also use these same versatile lights for Children’s Scooters which come with the same benefits.

BULK SPECIAL is Multiples of 7 COLOURS (Outer Covers)


Product Benefits
- Proviz Scooter Lights give parents and childminders the reassurance that cars, cyclists and runners can see them and their scooters when out during hours of limited light
- Simple to use, easy to attach and remove
- Designed to fit the majority of prams, buggies and scooters
- Subtle Additions
- Very Effective
- Also easily attachable to rucksacks and bags
Scooter Lights **** BULK SPECIAL ****
  • Water Resistant
  • Simple to Use
  • Easy to Attach and Remove 
  • Full Beam
  • Flashing
  • High Lumen
  • Quality Silicon Outer - 7 colours