Mocc Ons - NEW Colours 2014

Mocc Ons - NEW Colours 2014

Mocc Ons - NEW Colours: CowBoy, Cowgirl & Ballerina.

Having found a solution to one parenting problem, the Sock Ons brand has expanded to include another ingenious little product, designed to make life easier for parents and more comfortable for children.

Mocc Ons are moccasin style slipper socks, designed to fit baby from six months up to three years. They’re made of a lovely soft and stretchy cotton, stitched to a real leather sole, which helps to prevent slipping ensuring that your little one’s toes stay toasty all year round!

Mocc Ons are available in four funky designs that co-ordinate with the Designer Dribble Ons Range and now NEW Sneaker style for style conscious parents looking for an easy way to keep little feet snuggly.

Like all products in the Sock Ons range, Mocc Ons are designed to be funky, practical, fashionable and, most importantly, washable!

Sneaker Range

Designer Range

You can also match the Designer Range Mocc Ons with the Designer Dribble Ons bibs:


Does your little one get cold feet? No problem! Our Mocc Ons are perfect for keeping tiny toes nice and toasty around the house, and come in sizes up to two years. The soft, stretchy cotton sock and leather sole are completely washable and they’re available is four funky designs and four fab sneaker prints.

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