FISHING Proviz Lights

FISHING Proviz Lights
  • When your Proviz Fishing Lights are in place, pull the loop round the rod and place it into the catch. Turn on by pressing the bulb, press once for flashing, twice for full beam and third to turn off.
  • To remove, release the loop from the catch and store safely. If the Proviz Fishing Lights are attached quite tightly (around larger frames) be careful not to let it release too quickly.
  • Proviz Fishing Lights include two CR2032 3V lithium batteries, to replace, remove the light from the silicone body, remove the base and the batteries easily come out. Please recycle the old batteries.
  • Battery life varies depending on conditions of use.


  • Turn off when not in use
  • Do not leave the lights loose or in reach of children
  • If your Proviz Fishing Lights break for whatever reason please dispose and replace