100% Bamboo Baby Blankets

100% Bamboo Baby Blankets

Bamboo Baby is a new range of baby blankets, sheets, wraps, towels and accessories made of soft fabric spun entirely from bamboo. Developed and designed by mothers, the Bamboo Baby range is ideally suited to your baby.

Fabric made from pure bamboo is incredibly soft, machine washable and naturally anti-bacterial, making it the perfect choice for babies. Its gentle, anti-bacterial qualities mean it is kind on the sensitive skin of babies. Bamboo yarn is incredibly versatile.

Bamboo Baby is also a great choice for eco-conscious parents as bamboo is a sustainable resource. It is extremely fast-growing, needs no pesticides or fertilizers and requires far less irrigation than cotton.

Take a look at our beautiful Bamboo Baby collection and discover the softness of bamboo for your baby.

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